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Evaluation 2019 Proposal Submissions Are Open AEA !

Contribute to the Future of Evaluation  
Submit an Evaluation 2019 Proposal Today!
The American Evaluation Association (AEA) is now accepting session proposal submissions for Evaluation 2019! Taking place November 11 – 16 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Evaluation 2019 is AEA’s annual conference that focuses on best practices and trends impacting the field of evaluation.
Submit your proposal on a topic following one of these presentation types: panel discussions, expert lectures, roundtables, skill-building workshops, ignite sessions, or birds of a feather gatherings. We are looking for both creative thinking and variety in your submissions.
Don’t miss this opportunity to present in front of a global audience of more than 3,000 colleagues! All submissions are due March 18, 2019.
Paths to the Future of Evaluation
This year’s theme, Paths to the Future of Evaluation: Contribution, Leadership, and Renewal, encourages you to consider how to stay relevant to the key issues of our society, increase our society’s capacity to understand looming issues and tradeoffs, and enable our communities to have informed conversations about the way forward.
AEA President Tessie Catsambas invites you to engage and discuss our rich experience and the contributions of evaluation, our strategies for leadership, and our actions for renewalon the following four areas:
  1. Addressing the key issues our society faces
  2. Applying and innovating methods and practices to evaluate in the context of important societal challenges
  3. Leaving no one behind
  4. Leading through evaluation
Building the future of the evaluation practice begins at Evaluation 2019 – by assessing and appreciating the past contributions evaluation has made to society, considering the issues where evaluators can bring leadership, and looking ahead toward the renewal of the profession.
How to Submit Your Proposal 
Visit the AEA website to get started. You must be logged into your AEA account to submit a proposal. If you do not have an account, you must become a membercreate a non-member account, or create a student non-member account. Please ensure your member profile is up-to-date with your proper title and organization before you submit your proposal.
We look forward to receiving your submissions! Once you submit your proposal successfully, you will receive a confirmation email.
If you have any questions or need assistance in submitting your proposal, feel free to contact our education team members directly at or 202-367-1166.


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