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Call for Proposals - Pre-Conference Professional Development Workshops EES

Call for Proposals - Pre-Conference Professional
Development Workshops

The main purpose of the pre-conference workshops is to provide an opportunity for evaluators, and evaluation stakeholders, to access high quality, up to date and practically oriented professional development sessions on the ever increasing and rapidly evolving body of evaluation theory and practice.

The pre-conference workshops are sessions lasting either one or two days and topics may include for example:
  • Evaluation approaches, e.g. gender responsive evaluation, rights based evaluation, theory-based evaluation, realist evaluation, goal free evaluations, causal evaluation, democratic evaluations, empowerment evaluation, developmental evaluation, principles based evaluation, systems focussed evaluation, etc.
  • Evaluation designs, e.g. case study, meta-evaluation, organizational assessment, social impact assessment, evaluating complex networks, experimental, quasi-experimental, contribution analysis, QCA, process tracing, evaluation synthesis, etc.
  • Specific methods related to various themes, such as climate change, migration, development, conflict, human rights, agriculture and food security, education, humanitarian, infrastructure, structural funds, labour market, employment, equity, etc.
  • Evaluation and use of digital technologies, such as social media, “big data”, mobile phone interactions and surveys, crowd sourcing, etc.
  • Evaluation as social practice, e.g. participation, self-reflection, dialogue, etc.
  • Overarching topics, e.g. choosing evaluation approaches for evaluation designs to address complex policies and situations, commissioning evaluations, managing evaluations, communication of evaluations, promoting use of evaluation results, etc.

The content of pre-conference workshops should be attentive to questions of gender responsiveness, equity and social justice.

Instructions for submitting a proposal
Please address the following in your submission:

  1. Workshop title
  2. Trainer information: your name, affiliation and experience in conducting similar professional development activities (including references and evaluations of courses you have given), your credentials relative to the subject matter.
  3. Your motivation for offering this training.
  4. Audience: level of experience and prior knowledge expected of the participants (beginner/intermediate/advanced; e.g. participants with good knowledge in empirical social research); type of participant (e.g. commissioners, evaluators, managers, clients, rights holders, etc.)
  5. Workshop length: 1 day or 2 days (taking into account that each day runs from about 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, with morning, afternoon and lunch breaks).
  6. Learning objectives: expected knowledge gained by participants and how they may apply it to their work.
  7. Workshop Outline: overall description of content, main components/activities, how these achieve the learning objectives.
  8. Teaching methods: how will you make the workshop interactive and dynamic?
  9. Integrated in the above: how will the workshop relate to the question of resilience?

Benefits to the workshop presenter
EES will waive the conference fee for the main workshop presenter.
EES will also provide him or her with two nights hotel accommodation for a 1 day workshop, and three nights hotel accommodation for a 2-day workshop.
These benefits are not transferable to another person nor payable in another way.
Deadline for submission of proposals
Please submit your proposals no later than 15 March 2018.
For queries about the content of the pre-conference workshops please contact Albine Guitard ( or Ian C. Davies, Credentialed Evaluator (CE) (
For logistical and organisational questions, including about your stay in Thessaloniki, please contact the Conference Secretariat (

For the latest news about the conference follow the EES website.


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